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There are two types of Comprehensive coverage: Collision and Other Than Collision. Comprehensive Collision covers all damage to the insured vehicle in a vehicle-to-vehicle incident. Comprehensive Other Than Collision covers things like theft, flood, and animal damage.

Required: Sometimes when renting or leasing.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If the party at fault for a collision does not have auto insurance, Uninsured Motorist Coverage will pay for injuries to you and your passengers. This includes medical, property damage, and death. Hit-and-run situations are also covered.

Price: 1

This is a cheap type of auto insurance considering what you get. However, you are only covered up to a specified amount. If you want hundreds of thousands of dollars of coverage, it is going to cost a lot more.

Required: No.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This car insurance is designed to make up the difference in damages to your party past what the insurance for the liable party will cover. In other words, when the at-fault party cannot afford to pay for damages, injuries, and death to you and your passengers, Underinsured Motorist coverage will.

Price: 2

Good value for money.

Required: Not generally. Sometimes in No-fault situations.

Medical Coverage

Covers the medical costs of injury to the entire party with Medical coverage on their auto insurance policy. Liability does not matter.

Price: 3

To use this effectively, get only enough coverage to replace your vehicle on your policy, then add a large amount of Medical.

Tips To Save On Auto Insurance.

#1 - The Right Car.

The class and even model of vehicle you buy can make a big difference in your car insurance rate. The important factors to look at before buying are:

  • Safety
  • Theft
  • Price to repair
  • Price to replace

Here`s how to use these principles when searching for a new car:

Step 1: Check the vehicle safety awards. The winners will be the cheapest, but any finalist is good.

Step 2: Select the class of vehicle you would like: Sedan, Sports car, SUV, etc.

Step 3: Pick a few models that you would like. If you are very concerned about price, avoid luxury vehicles like BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, etc. Go for the high-value vehicles (e.g., Kia and Saturn) and find ones you like.

Step 4: If you are caught between a foreign vehicle and a domestic product that are a similar price, check the repair costs. As a rule of thumb, domestic products are easier to service. Foreign luxury vehicles are infamously expensive to repair, parts and service.

Step 5: Get a quote for that vehicle. Online auto insurance quotes are quick and effective for getting a reliable estimate. Do this for a few vehicles you are considering.

***Economic vehicles aren`t necessarily stolen less often, but they are inexpensive to replace.***

***Used isn`t always cheaper to insure. New vehicles are much much safer.***


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